During The Belle Miner’s visit to Tasmania in 2015 the band performed their new single ‘25 Years’ and produced a simple music video. 

The song was recorded to a backdrop in ‘Detached’, a developing arts precinct in the old Mercury Newspaper building, owned by local art collector Penny Clive. 

The interior had recently been used for a wedding and the ceiling was strung with hundreds of bouquets of dried flowers. “This is the Spot!” it said ... and we knew it was.

This video captures the mood, hospitality, diversity and brilliance of Tasmania, from exotically-named animals like Bettongs, Devils and Rosellas, to Wooden Sailing Ships, forests, millions-of-years-old caves, capacious industrial areas and art galleries.

The band’s vision is to continue creating this same aesthetics, inspiring audiences through music, to make the difference through a blend of culture, knowledge and art.