Canadian/Australian trio Belle Miners celebrate love and equality in new single 'Fall in Love with Me'


'Fall in Love with Me'
Single Out Friday 15 September via MGM Distribution

With dense vocal harmonies, clever lyrics and a liberating, joyous sound, Canadian/Australian trio Belle Miners celebrate love and equality in 'Fall in Love with Me', the lead single from their forthcoming debut album Powerful Owl. The song is the true story of a poet who travelled four days to express her love to guitarist and vocalist Marina Avros.

Amidst the intense local debate on marriage equality in Australia, Marina says "It’s really interesting to see the positive role music has in the debate on same sex marriage. We meet lots of people on tour who love the song and it doesn’t matter who they are. They just say how great it is, to have someone express themselves as gay and to sing about it. That means a lot to me”.

“But the love people express”, says Marina, “is universal and that’s what the band is for. We formed the year Jaime got married and Felicia is about to. Why shouldn’t we all be able to? No-one should be afraid to be in love, in the same way you shouldn’t be afraid to have your heart broken. Everyone is the same in that sense”.

'Fall in Love with Me' was the first song Belle Miners sang together and was the seed for everything they've done since.

Life-long friends, Belle Miners are Canadian musicians Felicia Harding and Marina Avros, and Australian-based Jaime Jackett. The trio formed in Australia in 2015 and have performed three national tours since. Their name was inspired by the rhythmical intonation of Bell Miners in the Australian bush, following a night of stealth camping near Mullumbimby when "the otherworldly sound of these vagabond birds, like hundreds of bells, filled the air" says Felicia.

The band’s sunlit sound has been cultured from the love and support they’ve received from audiences down under, matched with with exquisite production on the debut album courtesy of Baker Studios in British Columbia.

Powerful Owl will be released on Friday 3 November 2017 via MGM Distribution.
Belle Miners will tour across Australia in January 2018 - tour dates yet to be announced. 

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